Chances are we’re not the right screening firm for you.


And that’s okay. Most organizations aren’t ready to be our clients. They see a background check as a piece of paper in a file, another item on a checklist, an administrative burden.

Unfortunately, some companies don’t take this important piece of due diligence seriously until they’ve been burned by a cheap background check. They suffer a financial loss. Their reputation is damaged. Or worse, someone is injured.

Imperative’s clients can’t afford cheap background checks. For that reason, every piece of information they receive from us is well-researched and reliable, without disclaimer or caveat. Our clients know they can take our information to the bank.

There are a lot of technical reasons why our processes are so reliable, but we can sum it up this way – we always choose the best over the easy.

If your firm recognizes the need for Imperative-quality background investigations, we’d appreciate the opportunity to be of service.

– Mike Coffey