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Low unemployment has made it harder for employers to recruit qualified candidates. With so few applicants applying for previously easy-to-fill jobs, employers are left wondering if the remaining seemingly qualified candidates are future great employees or future headaches.

The rash of legislation covering what and when employers can ask applicants about their criminal history, class-action lawsuits alleging employer violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and the EEOC’s investigations into employer’s use of criminal information have left many employers even more nervous about their hiring decisions.

Amid all of this uncertainty, smart employers turn to Imperative to help them make legal and well-informed hiring decisions.

We promote a background screening process that starts with the job description, moves through the application and interview process, and only ends with the background check.

Imperative is HR’s trusty sidekick – providing the support and information every HR superhero needs.


You Can’t Afford Cheap Employment Background Checks

Dozens of class action lawsuits have been filed against employers for violations of the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act in recent years – many resulting in multi-million dollar settlements for seemingly minor violations.

Almost every one of these lawsuits started with a cheap, inaccurate background check. Most of these employers were relying on online criminal record databases, expecting that, despite their low cost and instant delivery of information, the information would be reliable and accurate.

In many cases, the information was outdated and inaccurate. In others, the database provided criminal records belonging to someone other than the applicant on whom the report was requested.

What many employers don’t realize is that not only are instant criminal databases regularly inaccurate, they miss about half of the available records.

If you are comfortable with a criminal background check that will regularly deliver erroneous information while at the same time missing half of your applicants’ actual records, Imperative isn’t the right background screening partner for you.

However, if you need accurate and thorough information that was hand-researched by trained professionals (located in the USA) rather than web-crawling bots or database algorithms, call us today to explore how we can improve your background screening process.


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