Bad Hire Days

Her Resume Left Off One Important Detail

When a North Carolina law firm hired their new bookkeeper, they probably thought they'd found the perfect employee. Pleasant, professional, and skilled. Then, they found out she even had a lot more financial experience than [...]

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Federal Judge Falls Victim to Homecare Worker’s Identity Fraud

When a family sought help in caring for an ailing family member, they did not expect him to become the next victim of a thief with a long criminal history. Harold Demoss, Jr. is a [...]

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Habitual Offender Burns Sorority

When the headquarters of Delta Delta Delta Fraternity (Tri Delta), the nonprofit sorority with chapters on 138 college campuses,  found almost $400,000 in bejeweled gold membership pins missing and a sorority employee was arrested for the theft, weaknesses [...]

Alzheimer’s Patient Injured by Felon Nurse Aid

When 88-year-old Sammie Berry's family moved the wheelchair-bound Alzheimer's patient to the Kaufman Healthcare Center in Kaufman, Texas, they expected that she would be in a safe environment, attended by a caring staff. What she received, according [...]

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Suit Alleges Level-3 Sex Offender Employee Raped Hotel Guests

Two different hotels in Mesa, Arizona are being sued by guests who say they were raped by Jason Brown, who worked at each of the hotels as an overnight clerk. As it turns out, Jason [...]

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26-year-old’s resume is too good to be true

Antoine Flowers was hired by the City of Dallas as an IT manager. His resume was certainly impressive for any IT professional, much less a 26 year old. According to the Dallas Morning News, Flowers' [...]

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Video: Sears sends felon and stalker into woman’s home

Jason Meinke was employed by a Sears contractor and sent into homes to clean ducts despite his criminal history that included misdemeanor and felony convictions, including a felony aggravated stalking conviction. When he was sent to [...]

Fake Degree Precedes $1 Million Fraud

Not all bad hire days start with previously-convicted dishonest job seekers. Morgan County, Utah apparently thought they were hiring a qualified public administration expert when they hired Garth Day as their council administrator. According to [...]

Bad Background Check and Lax Credit Card and Expense Account Controls Lead to Embezzlement

In my presentations to SHRM chapters, churches and non-profits, and basically anyone who needs a good nap after lunch, I regularly warn that even great  background checks typically only catch the low-hanging fruit (those whose [...]

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Two Employers, Two Victims, Two Convictions for Computer “Guru”

Stephen Robertson, a self-described computer "guru", could be the poster boy for Bad Hire Days. Robertson worked for Corgan Associates, a Dallas architecture and interior design firm, and was terminated on December 18, 1998 for [...]