I read three very insightful articles about social media, Twitter and Facebook to be exact, today.

Over at Fistful of Talent, Jessica Lee lists ways companies should use Twitter to enhance their employment brand. “Using Twitter will only work if you’ve got a kicking brand already – you can’t buy this stuff and you can’t make any of it up.”

HR Capitali$t Kris Dunn asks “Hey Twitter: Do You Want to Be MySpace or LinkedIn?” in a great article about the rising tide of spam on Twitter.

Finally, over at the Wall Street Journal, Elizabeth Bernstein has a funny but too true piece on the frivolous posts that populate many Facebook feeds. Great advice:

To improve our interactions, we need to change our conduct, not just cover it up. First, watch your own behavior, asking yourself before you post anything: “Is this something I’d want someone to tell me?” “Run it by that focus group of one,” says Johns Hopkins’s Dr. Wallace.

Happy reading!