Under the terms of the settlement agreement, the company has agreed to pay $6,800 in monetary relief to the injured party, which included back pay and interest, along with a $2,000 civil penalty. The company has also agreed to training by the Justice Department on the anti-discrimination provision and training by the Department of Homeland Security on proper E-Verify procedures. The case settled prior to the Justice Department filing a complaint in this matter.

Employers participating in E-Verify should be sure that they are following proper procedures in processing tentative non-confirmations.

The Social Security Administration and the Department of Homeland Security cannot assist employees in resolving erroneous non-confirmations if the employer fails to provide the employee with the appropriate E-Verify notice.

Non-confirmations are the exception (and erroneous non-confirmations even more so) so when they occur, employers should review the appropriate procedures to ensure compliance.

Imperative offers employers an electronic I-9 solution that integrates with E-Verify and gives step-by-step instructions when a tentative non-confirmation is received.

via USDOJ: Justice Department Settles with Florida Janitorial Services Company Over Immigration and Nationality Act Violations.