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Slidecast: Working with Generation Y

Our latest slidecast for the Austin Human Resource Management Association deals with the impact the Millenials (Generation Y, the Net Generation) are having on the workforce and ways that employers are attracting their talent. Doug Douglas of Stark Talent will be speaking on this topic during AHRMA’s November 15th meeting.

If you will be in the Austin area, you can see the full agenda and register for the meeting at

Enjoy the podcast

The 10 Commandments of Employment Eligibility Verification


Those are the magic numbers Kevin Lashus, the Managing Partner of the Austin, Texas office of Jackson Lewis LLP, says employers need to know when processing Forms I-9.

In this interview, he also discusses employer responses to DREAM Act-lite, the Obama Administration’s recent action to allow young undocumented immigrants an opportunity to avoid deportation and obtain work permits.

Kevin will be hosting the Austin Human Resource Management Association’s September 20th Legal and Regulatory Roundtable.

Also, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that Imperative Information Group offers an electronic Form I-9 and E-Verify enhancement product that can take away some of the headaches Kevin mentions during the interview.


New Podcast: The Learn to Earn Pathway

In this month’s podcast, Mike Coffey interviews Dr. Mark Milliron, Chancellor of WGU Texas, about the learn to earn pathway – how adult learners can succeed in their efforts to develop new professional competencies and how employers can support those efforts.

Dr. Milliron will be the luncheon speaker at the Austin Human Resource Management Association’s September meeting. You can register at

Slidecast: The NLRB’s “Ambush Election” Rule and Other Pro-Union Activities

In this month’s Legal & Regulatory Podcast for the Austin Human Resource Management Association, I visited with Chris Bourgeacq, an employment law attorney with AT&T, about the recent pro-union actvities initiated by the National Labor Relations Board.

Chris will be the host of the AHRMA Legal and Regulatory Roundtable on this topic during their May 24th meeting. That day is also AHRMA’s 3rd Annual Workforce Readiness Day and the agenda looks great!

I hope you enjoy the slidecast!

Social Media in the Workplace

In the latest of my interviews with employment-law experts to promote the Austin Human Resource Management Association’s Legal and Regulatory Roundtable, I interviewed Allison Bowers about social media issues in the workplace. We discussed the NLRB’s recent actions concerning employer monitoring of employee’s social media activities as well as whether or not supervisors should “friend” their employees.


Podcast: Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

Connie Cornell, JD

In our latest Legal & Regulatory Podcast with the Austin Human Resource Management Association, I interview Connie Cornell, an Austin employment law attorney, about terminations and unemployment compensation.

Connie is a founding partner of Cornell Smith & Mierl, LLP, an Austin based labor and employment law firm representing employers. Ms. Cornell is Board Certified in Labor & Employment Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and is also certified as a Professional in Human Resources by the national Society for Human Resource Management. She has been selected annually as a “Texas Super Lawyer” in the field of Labor and Employment Law by Texas Monthly since 2003, and is included in the 2010 and 2011 editions of The Best Lawyers in America in the specialty of Labor and Employment Law.

On December 11th, Connie will be facilitating a roundtable at AHRMA’s monthly meeting entitled “Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow: Legal considerations when firing employees: Documentation, Communication and Unemployment claims.


[mp3-jplayer tracks=”AHRMA-Terminations-Connie-Cornell.mp3″ dload=”y”]

Listen and watch:

Austin HR Podcast: OFCCP Enforcement Trends

Shafeeqa Watkins Girratani

Shafeeqa Watkins Girratani

The Austin Human Resource Management Association will be hosting their annual Diversity Day event on October 26th. Before you roll your eyes, this won’t be a room full of people singing Kum Ba Yah. The day will be full of important information business leaders need in order to ensure that they have the most productive workforce available while staying out of regulators’ and plaintiff’s attorneys’ cross hairs.

In this podcast, I interview Shafeeqa Watkins Giarratani, an employment law attorney with Fulbright & Jaworski about the OFCCP’s latest enforcement trends and what they mean for employers. Shafeeqa will be leading a discussion on this topic during AHRMA’s Diversity Day.


[mp3-jplayer tracks=”2011-10_AHRMA_Diversity-Day.mp3″ dload=”y”]

Listen and watch:

I hope you enjoy the podcast and, if you are in the Austin area, that I see you on October 26th!

Slidecast: The HR Pro’s Guide to Navigating Corporate Politics

To give it a little visual aspect, I created a slidecast of my recent podcast interview with Jeremy Eskenazi of Riviera Advisers. He is speaking at the joint meeting of the DFW Staffing Management Association and DallasHR on March 16th. You can register at the DFWSMA website.


The HR Pro’s Guide to Navigating Corporate Politics

On March 16th, Jeremy Eskenazi of Riviera Advisors will be presenting this topic to a joint meeting of the DFW Staffing Management Association and Dallas HR.

Jeremy’s presentation has been approved by HRCI for one strategic recertification credit! This event is so big that we’ve resurrected the Imperative Podcast to help promote it!

You can use the player below to listen to the podcast from the website (mp3 file) or, if you’re really cool, you can download the AAC version here to see graphics and access hyperlinks. This version plays in QuickTimes or iTunes.


You can register for this event at the DFW SMA’s website. Hope to see you there!

North Texas SHRM: The Business Case for Diversity with Scott Airitam


Scott AiritamIn many organizations, few training topics suck the air out of the room faster than diversity training. However, succesful companies are finding that diverse workforces provide new depths of innovation, customer service, and brand recognition… in essence, making them more competitive in the marketplace. So how do we get past the basics of counting people in certain categories and move into an area where the company can really draw on the diversity of experience and background in its workforce?

Our guest today on the Imperative Podcast is Scott Airitam of Leadership Systems. Scott is a consultant, trainer, and co-author of Ethics for Everyone, The Handbook for Integrity-Based Business Practices. Scott will be the luncheon speaker at the North Texas SHRM’s March 24th luncheon meeting.


To register for the luncheon, please visit North Texas SHRM’s website at

We hope you enjoy the podcast!

Three ways to listen to the podcast:

1. You can listen using our java-enabled player:

2. Or you can listen to the podcast in your computer’s mp3 program by clicking the “Play mp3″ button below (or right-click on the button and select “save target as…” to save the mp3 to your computer).


3. Or you can download the podcast and subscribe to future podcasts via iTunes.


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