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Q&A: If an Applicant Discloses a Felony on the Application, Do We Still Need to Run a Background Check?

The following question was recently posted in an HR-related discussion group. State is Virginia. Company policy, we do not hire employment applicants w/felony convictions.   My question is about how the felony is disclosed.   An applicant disclosed on [...]

HR’s Changing View of Marijuana Use and Testing

This year, the HRSouthwest Conference introduced “crowdsourced” sessions, allowing attendees to use the HRSWC app to suggest topics to be upvoted by other attendees. Educating HR pros is my personal intoxicant of choice. I made three presentations [...]

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What time bombs are ticking inside your workforce?

Stephen Robertson was a systems administrator at Cinemark. While still employed at there, he pleaded guilty to hacking into a former employer’s computer network, doing considerable damage. He received five-years probation. But Cinemark never became [...]

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Seven Critical Mistakes You’re Making When Asking Applicants About their Criminal History

Seven Critical Mistakes You’re Making When Asking Applicants About their Criminal History Avoid These Mistakes and Make Better-Informed Hiring Decisions Assault. Murder. Fraud. Theft. Driving while intoxicated. Rape. Are applicants with these or other serious offense histories getting [...]

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What would you tell this Marine with PTSD?

Every Background Check Represents a Real Person With A Real Story I was in the Marines for 11 years and I developed PTSD after about the fifth year but at the time I didn’t know. I [...]

No Uber For You, Austin!

Why Both Sides Were Wrong in Austin's Ridesharing Background Check Battle No Uber for You! You probably saw that on May 7th, Austin voters shot down Proposition 1, an effort to [...]

Considering Deferred Adjudication In Making Hiring Decisions

I hate HR Conferences Well, I don’t really hate them. I’m kind of an HR conference junkie. (I’m speaking three times at HRSouthwest in October.) What makes me crazy is when a speaker makes a presentation [...]

When Big Data Fails Us

Additional Identity Research Can Improving Hiring Confidence A client called the other day concerned because our background check included an Identity Alert that read, in part: No identity records were found for this SSN and [...]

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See you at HRSouthwest in October!

I'm proud to announce that I'm speaking three times at the HRSouthwest Conference in October. HRSouthwest, the largest regional HR conference in the country, is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. This year, Imperative is sponsoring the [...]

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Practical Employer Responses to Texas’ Open Carry Handgun Law

A little more than three months after Texas became the 45th state to allow individuals to openly carry holstered handguns in public, the effect on most employers has been negligible. Indeed, most Texans have yet to [...]

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Fact Checking John Oliver’s Report on Credit Reports and Background Checks

Fair Warning: This video is probably “not safe for work” (NSFW) Last Sunday on HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, the host of the eponymous* program presented an 18-minute indictment of credit bureaus and criminal [...]

Austin Becomes the First Texas City to Ban The Box for Private Employers

On March 24, 2016, the Austin City Council approved Texas’ first “ban-the-box” ordinance covering private employers. Such ordinances, which are also called “fair chance hiring” laws, are intended to improve the employment opportunities of individuals [...]

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When are background check issues “related to the job?”

Clients call me fairly regularly with questions along the line of “This applicant has this minor, relatively recent issue on their background check. It causes me concern but can I (dare I) use it?” Often [...]

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Identifying Insider Threats Using Periodic Background Checks

Workplace violence. Theft. Unsafe acts. Data breaches. Absenteeism. Poor business decisions. The risk that employees, contractors, or other company “insiders” may pose to your organization, employees, customers, and the public are varied. No matter how [...]

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Missing: The National Sex Offender Database

Many employers and volunteer organizations are relying on something they refer to as a “National Sex Offender Database” as a significant part of their criminal record background check. Typically, they don’t understand where the information [...]

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Texas Employers Face Challenging Decisions About Handguns in 2016

Texas businesses who wish to prevent individuals from carrying handguns, concealed or openly, on their property have a number of options available to them under Texas’ revised handgun licensing law – none of them ideal. [...]

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The Effect of Hawaii’s Ban The Box Law on Repeat Offending

Since my editorial opposing the Ban-the-Box movement was published in last Sunday's Fort Worth Star-Telegram, it has been suggested that there is a study demonstrating the efficacy of Hawaii's Ban-the-Box law. American Journal of [...]

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Editorial: ‘Ban the Box’ feels good, but it’s a misguided effort

On Sunday, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram published my editorial ‘Ban the Box’ feels good, but it’s a misguided effort. This is one of the few editorials I've seen published telling employers' side of the Ban the [...]

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Banning the Box Means Hiring Headaches Without Helping Former Offenders

More and more cities and states are jumping on the Ban-the-Box bandwagon.  This national movement to remove the criminal history inquiry (the "box") from the employment application and delay its presentation to the applicant until [...]

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Mike Coffey to present three times at HRSouthwest Conference.

Mike Coffey, owner of Imperative Information Group, will be presenting three sessions this year at the 74th Annual HRSouthwest Conference (HRSWC) to discuss background screening considerations for employers. This two and a half-day event at [...]