Employment Background Investigations

Hundreds of companies call on Imperative Information Group to research the backgrounds of prospective and current employees. We work with each client to identify the information requirements unique to their business priorities and then meet those requirements within legal and ethical guidelines.

While we work with each client to identify the risks associated with introducing new people into their workplace, we recommend the following thorough criminal background investigation include the following research items:

Identity Research

This search of private information sources provides a strong indication as to whether the name and date of birth provided by the applicant match the information in the files of credit bureaus, driver licensing bureaus, and commercial firms. It will also suggest maiden names or other aliases that should be researched, as well as previous addresses used by the applicant.

County Criminal Research

Driving History

This is the state’s official record of your applicant’s driving record, typically including accidents and citations in the last three to five years.

Employment Verification

We will diligently attempt to verify previous employment claims made by your applicant.

Education Verification

We will attempt to verify the educational accomplishments asserted by your applicant, watching out for unaccredited institutions and degree mills.

Professional License or Certification Verification

We will attempt to verify the licenses and certifications asserted by your applicant.

Executive Research

For C-level positions and other high-risk positions, clients often request that we conduct additional research into an individual’s background.

This may include state and federal civil matters in which the indivdiual was a plaintiff or defendant. It may also include a review of business filings involving the individual, interviews with associates, or even an interview directly with the candidate.

Case Copy Retrieval

It is often desirable to retrieve copies of documents from court files to better understand the conduct the individual was alleged to have been engaged, the details of any plea agreements, probation terms, or settlements, or develop additional information about the parties to the case. In situations where Imperative is unable to confidently associate a case with the subject of the investigation, court copies will be retrieved to ensure the accuracy of the provided report. Additionally, copies can be retrieved at the client’s request. Because every court’s filing and archiving system is different, the fee for retrieving copies will be between $25 and $125 per case plus $2 per page, plus any additional fees charged by the jurisdiction. We will always coordinate with you prior to retrieving case copies if the retrieval fee will exceed $25.

Credit Reports

Credit reports can be a useful tool for evaluating an individual for employment when their management of their personal business affairs is directly related to the position for which they are being considered. Imperative believes that it is important to highlight, however, that the few published studies on the use of credit reports in predicting either integrity or future job performance suggest that there is no correlation.