Identify Dangerous and Dishonest

Candidates Before Their First Day on the Job!

seaton-thumbDespite a 15-year-long criminal history record, James Seaton was certified as a nurse aid by the State of Texas and was hired to work with Alzheimer’s patients.

After a wheelchair-bound Alzheimer’s patient suffered significant head injuries while in Seaton’s care, his criminal history became apparent.

Employers who fail to conduct quality background checks often fail to identify their hiring mistakes until it is too late:

  • The applicant doesn’t have the skills or behaviors necessary to successfully perform the job.
  • The applicant takes advantage of the employer by committing an illegal act.
  • Someone is injured because of the applicant’s negligence.
  • The company’s relationships and reputation are damaged.

Often, problem employees linger for months or years, wasting the company’s money in management time, productivity losses, and litigation.

Because we cater exclusively to employers who cannot afford hiring mistakes, Imperative offers a variety of customizable packages to ensure confidence in every hiring decision.

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