I-9 Verfication (Resized)

Increase Security for Your Business with I-9 Verifications

The Department of Homeland Security has increased scrutiny of employers’ hiring practices.

The civil penalties for hiring undocumented workers have significantly increased and, in some cases, Human Resources professionals and business executives have been criminally prosecuted after hiring individuals who were ineligible to work in the United States. These prosecutions have included federal conspiracy and harboring of illegal aliens charges.

DHS and the Social Security Administration are encouraging employers to use the E-Verify system (previously called the Basic Pilot Program or the SAVE Program) to electronically verify the identity information provided on the Form I-9 and the new hire’s eligibility to work in the US.

Adoption of this free web-based system has met with employer resistance because of its mandatory online tutorial, which can take up to an hour to complete, and the confusing process required when a new hire’s SSN and name does not match SSA records or the DHS cannot verify that the individual is authorized to work in the US.

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To assist employers in using the E-Verify system, Imperative has introduced i9 Advantage. This enhanced interface to the E-Verify system allows employers and new hires to securely complete the Form I-9 online, streamlining the paper process and eliminating the need for Form I-9 filing systems employed by many companies. It also improves the usability of the E-Verify system and offers other key advantages over both the paper-based completion of the Form I-9 as well as E-Verify. Employers can now conduct a hiring background check with confidence.


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