Internal Investigations

In a variety of circumstances, businesses often find that an impartial investigation by an outside party is the best means of resolving an allegation, identifying the source of a loss, or verifying that company policies and procedures have been followed. Our follow-up consulting services often pay for themselves by helping clients prevent future incidents.

Sample Case 1: Warehouse Theft

An inventory at a bonded warehouse revealed that a large amount of expensive crystal was missing. Because the losses were significant, management decided not to attempt to conduct the investigation themselves and retained Imperative’s services.Our investigators were able to identify the source of the loss as a small group of warehouse employees. We were able to obtain signed admissions of theft from the involved employees, reclaim a large amount of the stolen crystal from employees’ homes, and make recommendations for improving the security of the warehouse and its contents.

Sample Case 2: Sexual Harassment Investigation

A religious organization received a complaint from an employee alleging that another employee had attempted to coerce sex from her. A lawsuit was threatened by the accuser. In order to ensure that their handling of this sensitive matter was above reproach, the organization hired Imperative to conduct the investigation.Our investigation revealed there was an ongoing sexual relationship between the accused and the accuser. The allegation was made after the accuser’s husband learned of the affair and threatened to take it to church leaders. The accuser provided a written retraction of her allegations and the threatened lawsuit never materialized.

Sample Case 3: Retail Theft

A convenience store operator determined their inventory shrink was out of control. After repeated scenario-based integrity tests, Imperative was able to identify the employees who were stealing from the company by not ringing up sales. We were also able to assist them improve their internal controls and employee training to avoid such losses in the future. The reduction in shrink over the following three months more than covered Imperative’s fees.


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