Discover How to Create a Bulletproof Background Screening Process!

Most employers’ background screening process consists of a background check and perhaps some minimal “working notes” on the company’s use of criminal history records.

Only after something has gone wrong do they understand the need for a more resilient employment background screening process.

Imperative promotes an employment background screening process that starts with a risk assessment for each position, continues with legal and thorough inquiries through the application and interview process, and only ends with a high quality background check designed to catch any deception by the applicant. The process is also designed to ensure legal compliance while obtaining as much information as possible to make an informed hiring decision. That’s what we call a bulletproof background screening process!

Imperative’s president and founder, Mike Coffey, SPHR, delivers free monthly webinars as part of our Bulletproof Background Screening series.

These webinars are designed for human resources professionals who want to improve their confidence in the legality and effectiveness of their background screening process. They include:

Mike also makes these presentations at SHRM chapters and conferences around the country.

All of Mike’s presentations receive HRCI general recertification credit and SHRM professional development credits.

Mike’s upcoming webinars and presentations are listed below.