Human Resources Webinars

Mike Coffey, SPHR, Imperative’s founder and president, has developed a number of presentations related to the sourcing, selection, and management of employees. He routinely delivers these to SHRM chapters, chambers of commerce, and other business groups.  He also delivers several  free webinars for HRCI recertification credit each month.

 Topic: Background Investigations

  • What Employers Need to Know about Criminal Background Checks: This presentation covers where the information comes from and what should be included in a good background check. It also covers employers’ legal responsibilities under the Fair Credit Reporting Act and EEOC guidelines, both of which are covered more thoroughly in Background Checks Under Fire and The Fair Credit Reporting Act’s Requirements for EmployersMore information…
  • Background Screening Policy Considerations To Avoid Discrimination Claims: The EEOC, Congress, and many state legislatures are closely scrutinizing how employers use background checks, especially criminal histories and credit reports. This presentation will walk employers through the process of preparing a background screening policy that helps ensure a safe and productive workforce while staying out of regulators’ cross hairs. More information….
  • Creating a Criminal History Evaluation Tool: In order to effectively and consistently evaluate the criminal histories of prospective and current employees, it is important that employers consider which criminal offenses are relevant to specific jobs.  Additionally, the age and frequency of offenses should also be considered when evaluating relevancy. In this webinar, we will walk through the process of developing a criminal history relevance matrix, an effective tool for documenting employers’ policies with regard to the impact of individuals’ criminal histories on their employment eligibility. More information….
  • Five Easy Steps to Avoiding Background Check Litigation: Dozens of federal class action lawsuits have been filed against employers claiming violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). This continues a several-year trend of class action lawsuits that have resulted in payouts to applicants and employees, including those who suffered no harm from the defendant-employers’ actions. More information…. 
  • DOT Driver Qualifications and Background Checks: The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations list a host of requirements for employers regulated by the federal Department of Transportation. In this presentation, Mike will discuss the FMCSR’s requirements for the application and employment background check process. More information….
  • Outside of the Box: Developing a Legally Compliant and Effective Criminal History InquiryNationwide, the “ban the box” movement is limiting when and what employers can ask applicants about their criminal history. Federal agencies like the EEOC, state legislatures, and even municipalities have weighed in this topic, leaving employers in a quandary as to how to make an informed hiring decision without running afoul of myriad laws. In this one-hour presentation, we will examine the issues surrounding “ban the box” and potential responses from employers. More information….

Topic: Drug Screening

  • Drug Screening Basics and Policy Considerations: This presentation covers the various kinds of drug screening tools available to employers and considerations in selecting tools and creating your Drug Free Workplace policies and procedures.

Topic: Work Eligibility (I-9s and E-Verify)

  • Identity and Eligibility Confirmation – E-Verify and Other Tools: Employers are under increased surveillance by federal and state officials with regard to their processing for ensuring the work eligibility of new hires. Some HR professionals have even been criminally prosecuted under organized crime statutes for intentionally hiring undocumented workers. At the same time, identity theft is at an all time high and many employers are at risk of not knowing who they are actually hiring. This presentation will review the legal and regulatory environment, common I-9 mistakes, and various tools available to employers to attempt to verify the identity and work eligibility of prospective or new employees.

Topic: Social Media in HR

  • Social Media Policy Considerations for Employers: Social media offers useful tools for employers to build communities and attract talent. It can also help to engage employees if used correctly. However, there are public relations, equal employment opportunity, and National Labor Relations Act issues that employers should also consider when deciding how to manage their official social media presence and respond to employees’ social media activities. Mike will walk through a number of social media issues that might arise throughout the employee life cycle and discuss ways to plan for them. Read more….

Topic: Workplace Investigations

  • Investigating Workplace Complaints: This one-hour overview of workplace investigation methodologies starts with receipt of the investigative complaint and proceeds through the investigations process and how to manage the parties to the complaint after the investigation has been completed.