I’ve had some requests for more information about the corporate relationships involved with publicdata.com. I thought it might be helpful if we just published it so that it will be helpful to those who need it.

Publicdata.com is a d/b/a for The Source for PublicData, LP, a Texas limited partnership whose sole general partner is Harlington-Straker Studio, Inc., whose sole officer is Dale Bruce Stringfellow.

Shadowsoft Incorporated is another Texas corporation also controlled by Stringfellow at the same address as Harlington-Straker Studio. Shadowsoft is the entity under which Stringfellow appears to be buying DPS’s criminal records data.

Back in the day (late 90’s), Shadowsoft was selling DPS and DOT data on CD ROM, then they moved that data to the internet via publicdata com. When Stringfellow started getting heat for the violations of privacy laws, he split publicdata.com off as a separate company and moved it offshore. He has since reincorporated it in Texas as outlined above.

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