A big part of selecting great employees is understanding their past behavior to predict how they may behave on the job.

Employers are comfortable discussing previous employment and education claims but exploring applicants’ criminal histories makes many employers nervous.

“Can I talk to them about that? Will it get me sued?”

“What can I ask them?”

“What can’t I ask them?”

“What if they respond with will discuss?”

It’s no wonder that many employers are uncertain about this topic.

Several states and even some cities have placed limits on what and when employers can ask applicants about their past illegal conduct.

And have you even tried to read the EEOC’s 50+ page “guidance” on avoiding disparate impact claims when using criminal history?

The good news is that employers can and SHOULD pose a thorough and detailed criminal history question to candidates. But there are pitfalls if you’re not careful.

In next Tuesday’s webinar, you’ll discover how to have a conversation with your applicants about their criminal history that leads to a well-informed and legal hiring decision.

This isn’t just a checkbox on your employment application (which is a great way to get sued).

Nor is it the standard “Have you been convicted of a felony in the last seven years?” which is probably the worst question you can ask.

Register today to receive the tools we’ve developed to ensure that our clients’ criminal history inquiries are comprehensive, fair, and legally compliant.

This is the third webinar in our Bulletproof Background Screening webinar series. All of these webinars are approved for HRCI and SHRM recertification credit and they’re free!

I hope to see you next Tuesday!


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