About This Calculator

This calculator will estimate a small business’ Paycheck Protection Program loan forgiveness.

It was published on April 29th based upon the best available information at that time. The Small Business Administration may publish rules or other guidance that subsequently changes the calculations affecting loan forgiveness. Additionally, forgiveness will likely be a decision made by the lending institution which may interpret the law and SBA rules differently.

By using this calculator, you agree that this is not offered as accounting, legal, or business advice.

If you see something you believe to be incorrect, please contact Imperative’s founder, Mike Coffey, SPHR, who created this calculator.

Using This Calculator

This calculator is based upon the understanding of the PPP forgiveness provisions as outlined in our blog article Workforce PPPlanning and the Paycheck Protection Program

Each of the highlighted items are required in order for the calculations to function properly.

We hope you find this tool helpful!